TAS RFP Management Experience


RFP Management

Technical Acquisition Specialists LLC (TAS) has over twenty (20) years experience in Information Technology Purchasing.

This expertise includes Software, Hardware (Personal Computers, Mainframes), Personal Services, Complete Systems (including equipment, services and application Software), Consulting Services and Business Reengineering.

TAS has extensive responsibility experience in analyzing business requirements, developing the RFP specifications and requirements, setting tasks and duties for the project team, reviewing and scoring vendor proposals, working as a member of the contract negotiation team and assuring vendor compliance with contracts.

Also, TAS has experience as the principal project manager responsible for reporting to executive management on the status of all projects within a company assuring compliance with the agreed upon project plan.

Within that responsibility was the development of the details of each project, drafting the business requirements, assigning personnel responsibilities, reporting project progress to the Executive director, moderating the agency steering committee, and developing the process for setting project priorities.